UK Destination Weddings

Since legislation changed it has become more difficult for overseas couples to spend the necessary 28 days in the UK in order to qualify to be married in this country (please see and civil partnerships for foreign nationals for more information on current legislation), and so more and more couples are choosing to undertake the brief, rubber-stamped legal formalities in their own country, before travelling to the UK for a celebration with friends and family.

At least half of Diana's bookings over the years have been for Destination Weddings, and clients have travelled from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Qatar, France, South Africa and Hong Kong, all choosing to have a bespoke Wedding Blessing ceremony written and conducted by Diana.

With so many beautiful, quintessentially English venues, with magnificent gardens and outdoor spaces, it is understandable that overseas couples should want to choose a traditional English setting for their public wedding ceremony with family and friends.

Some couples have explored all the possibilities in their own country, and throughout Europe, and have felt that they would have better service and value for money in the UK. They have been impressed with the attention to detail and customer care offered at UK venues, and interestingly have been attracted to the opportunity to have a venue for exclusive use. This enables them to spend quality time with the family and friends who have flown from overseas with them to attend their wedding ceremony.

Despite the British reputation for inclement weather many couples express a wish to have an outdoor ceremony when they book their destination wedding in the UK. In Diana’s experience all the outdoor ceremonies booked with her have, with a little patience and trust, successfully been held in their desired location, even when storm clouds have gathered overhead only moments before – although this of course cannot be guaranteed, and venues usually offer a wet-weather alternative!

An advantage to choosing a destination wedding in the UK is the opportunity for an often desired intimate wedding with close friends and family; if the wedding was to be held in their own country the couple would have to have a far bigger celebration than they really wanted, and would feel obliged to invite work colleagues and acquaintances so as not to offend anyone.

Katie & Shaun's Destination Wedding - First Dates Hotel, Aquapetra Resort & Spa, Italy

A wedding in the UK can become an opportunity to travel in both Great Britain and Europe. The family and guests can take time to travel around the area before the ceremony, and take part in pre-wedding photography shoots, making the best use of their time in a foreign country and taking advantage of top quality photographers.

With a country steeped in history, and a diversity of venues from castles, country houses and estates, historical homes and palaces, to beach front locations and converted barns, the appeal of a UK wedding is understandable.

Diana uses Skype to bridge the distance between her and her overseas clients, from the first consultation through to the finalising of their personalised script. Often just hearing a perfectly spoken, friendly and professional English voice can be sufficient to ensure a booking. At other times it will be Diana's experience and knowledge of wedding etiquette and procedure, together with her enviable connections with exclusive venues, national wedding planners and suppliers, which draws clients to her.

Although clients choose the UK for many reasons, and particularly appreciate an archetypal British wedding, many also wish to incorporate some links to their own country and heritage. Diana is more than happy to do some research and to include references and rituals from anywhere in the world, from a Japanese tea ceremony, or a Celtic handfasting, to a Sikh flower garland exchange.

For a list of some of the UK venues which Diana recommends, please see her page of Valued and Trusted Suppliers.

"Many thanks indeed for helping us make our wedding celebration so special, personal and meaningful. Arranging a wedding from afar can be challenging, and it gave us great comfort to be working with someone so professional, experienced and committed to their work as you. Many of our guests commented on the moving ceremony, and for Tony and I, it was really, genuinely, the best part of the day. Thank you for being part of that."

Vivian and Enson's Destination Wedding Blessing at Cliveden House, Berkshire - 21st August 2017.
Ceremony designed and conducted by Diana. Film kindly supplied by John Stokes of


Lisa and George - | Freda - | Adeena & Mitch - | Katie & Shaun - Aquapetra Italy

"Some people are very lucky to be both great at what they do, and happy doing it. You very much gave us the impression of both, and we hope you continue to help other couples stop, pause and realise the importance and beauty of their commitment. With thanks and kind regards

Helen and Tony, Hong Kong