Wedding Celebrant

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" Eleanor Roosevelt

The way in which a marriage is conducted, its rules and ramifications, has changed over time - as has the institution itself. But the union of couples was established as long ago as Adam and Eve!

However, a religious wedding, with its traditional rituals, words and music does not always chime with many people’s outlook on life these days.

The alternative, in a Register Office, is bound by strict regulations controlling what can be said or done, and when and where the ceremony can take place. The short ceremony usually follows a prescribed script, allowing no religious or spiritual content or creativity, and often leaving couples with a strong feeling of anti-climax; the opposite of what a wedding celebration should be!

As a professional wedding celebrant with over a decade’s experience, Diana Saxby of Grace The Day helps couples move away from traditional restrictions, conducting elegant and meaningful wedding or affirmation ceremonies almost anywhere, at any time, seven days a week, and personally designed to suit the individuals.

Ceremonies are delivered with warmth, feeling and sincerity; spoken from the heart with a special meaning for couples wishing for a unique and tailor-made ceremony.

If you'd like your wedding ceremony in a woodland setting at dawn, on a beach at sunset, in a hot air balloon on a balmy summer's day, or you want a simple, intimate blessing at home, Diana will help make your dreams come true.

She designs and conducts all ceremonies personally, researching and writing all the ceremony scripts. She attends all client planning meetings herself, but she also employs a highly trained and professional Personal Assistant who may answer calls and emails on her behalf.

Diana is the preferred wedding celebrant for some of the most exclusive venues in the UK - some of which are only made available for weddings conducted by Diana - and works with the country's top wedding planners. See Diana's valued and trusted suppliers.

She will personally guide you through the design and delivery of your own, tailor-made, perfect wedding ceremony.

"Oh Diana, yesterday was so perfect thank you so much for everything. It made everything so much more special having you there. It all went perfectly and more successful than I could anticipate. The comments and response to our ceremony have been overwhelming. Grown men were crying literally, so touched by the words. I want everyone possible to know how perfect you made my day."

Lisa and Joe Nabil. August 2012

Wedding Blessing Ceremonies

Couples who marry abroad – either while on holiday or when resident in another country – often like to celebrate their newly married status with a special ceremony ‘back home’.

This is a wonderful opportunity to include family and friends who may not have been able to attend the formal marriage.

Wedding Blessing and Destination Wedding Ceremonies are just as personalised as Wedding Ceremonies, and include all the same elements; such as giving away the bride, reciting pledges and vows, exchanging or blessing the wedding rings, and a pronouncement of husband and wife.

We also encourage the inclusion of guest readings and poems, and will share our vast resource material with you to help with selecting suitable readings, poems, vows and ceremony music. When meeting with you, either in person in the UK or via Skype or Zoom if you live overseas, Diana will listen to your vision for your special day, exchange ideas with you, and make suggestions for incorporating other elements which you may not have considered, to make your celebrations memorable, tear-jerkingly beautiful and all-embracing.

Becks and Dave's marriage ceremony along the shores of Poole Harbour.

Stuart Wood Weddings | Jay Rowden | Studio Rouge

"Dear Diana, Well, you are certainly living up to your reputation!! The script is so beautiful and faultless. No changes needed at all!"

Catherine and Shane